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Clients' Testimonials

"Dear Michael,
You made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.It's so beautiful , I just don't know what to say. You are magician! Thank you so very much! What you have done is a piece of art! It's perfect."
" We loooooooove it.You are going to be very famous in Poland! They have never seen anything like it. I can't wait for their reacton when they see entire tape"
-Iwona and Cyprian (Iwona & Cyprian’s Wedding Video Highlights, Polish Wedding)

"Hi Michael,
Oh My God!!! The Prayer (MTV) is beautiful.  Everything is perfect. Thanks so much Michael. Everyone loves it!!  You should be very proud at the camera-men and your work.  I hope this open many doors for us both.  May God continue to Bless,"
-Victor Velazquez (Victor family’s MTV - Keep The Love Comin)

Thank you Michael I received it what a beautiful copy. It will air this Saturday on Ch 77 ITV for the program Caribbean Spotlight between 3:00m and 4:00 pm. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!”
-Jennifer, THE S.P.A PRODUCTIONS USA (Indo-Caribbean Queens of the Galaxy 2009 Beauty Pageant)

You did a fabulous job. Everybody has been enjoying watching it. I loved that you put it up on YouTube. I’ve been telling everyone including strangers to ‘to check me’ on it. We will highly recommend you. Love”
-Celina & John (Celina & John’s Polish Wedding Video Highlights)

"Hi Michael, Your video clips look great and it was really nice working with you. I have worked with other videographers and I must say, none of them were as organized and as professional as you. I will definitely be referring you to my clients."
-Tiziana Picardo, WPICC, DWC

"Oh My Goodness! It is absolutely beautiful!!! I can't wait to show my husband when I get home from work! You guys did an amazing job. Many, many thanks…. The video is excellent! Friends of mine that did not even want a videographer at the future weddings have now changed their minds! Looks fantastic! We are SO thrilled with the video. People are so amazed with the quick turnaround. I am highly recommending your services to future brides! Thank you again for a lovely keepsake."
-Kristen (Kristen & Ryan’s Wedding Video Highlights, Italian Wedding)

Dear Michael,
Thanks you so much for creating the most beautiful wedding video for us! U made every moment look magical. Your touch and attention to details made the wedding look like a ferry tale. Your creative editing and filming made it seem that we had several videographers working at once, you did not miss a single moment and you concisely compiled it into a master piece. Thank you!
-Bana & Mohamed (My Heart Will Go On)

Hi Michael,
Joe did a FANTASTIC job on the same day edit video. It was something I had high expectations of for my wedding, and he did it! Excellent details and slow motion shots... LOVE IT!!! My family and friends complimented how beautiful it turned out. It was priceless....We can't stop talking about it! I will highly recommend you to all!!! Thank you,
-Colleen & Daniel (Colleen & Daniel Wedding Video Highlights)

“We loved it! The video is wonderful. Michael perfectly captured the excitement of our wedding day. We were very nervous about getting a videographer because we were afraid that the end result would be cheesy and artificial, but after looking at the finished product, we couldn't be happier. Numerous people have complimented us on both the quality and style of the video. On top of the fact that the price was extremely competitive, Michael was completely professional and attentive throughout the process. We would strongly recommend Forever Video to anyone looking for high quality videography of any special event."
-Jessica (Jessica & Johnathan's Wedding Video Highlights, Chinese & American Wedding)

"Hi Michael,
Once again, thank you for your professional job on editing the video. Friends and Families are very please with your skills. I will definitely refer you to my friend. Thanks so much Michael!
-Grace (Grace & Paul’s Wedding Video Highlights, Ottawa)

"Forever Video – A+
We were on a tight budget when it came to video. I did a lot of searching around and finally came across Forever Video. The price was perfect and we were SO impressed with Michael work. Joe was our videographer. His camera was amazing -- we never ever noticed him the whole day! Within a week of the wedding, Michael sent me a link to the first dance video, few days later, a link to the church, then to the reception, etc. I was able to work with him via email to let him know what I liked and didn’t like. We received our video one MONTH after our wedding!!!!! He was so fast we couldn’t believe it. Not only that, but the footage was incredible. He captured moments that I didn’t even remember. Thanks to Michael and his staff at Forever Video, our wedding memories will last a lifetime."
-Jenn & Chris

"Hi Michael,
The work you did is FABULOUS! The highlight is excellent. We really love it! Your camera men, Joe, also did a wonderful job getting good angles and shots. We couldn't be happier."

"Hi Michael,
My husband and I received our wedding video yesterday. Last night while we had time we were able to watch some of the video. Oh My Goodness!!!, the video is absolutely beautiful. Joe and I were amazed; everything was so sharp & clear. The graphics are very nice and the songs you chose for editing were wonderful. My husband and I are very pleased and would recommend using your company to anyone. Watching the video feels like I'm getting married all over again; it looks fantastic. Your professionalism
and that of your colleagues is greatly appreciated. I wish you did more then just wedding videos. Thank you very much....
-Mrs. Delrina Witt-Gonzalez (Delrina & Joseph's Wedding Reception @ The Venetian New Jersey)

"Michael, we received the video today! Thank you so very sincerely! Oh, what a beautiful video it is! I can’t stop crying I am so moved!
Your videographer, Carl, has done a really wonderful job capturing every possible moment and no one even noticed when he was working. He was so unnoticeable doing it, some people were asking me if we had a videographer! Perfect filming and so very kind and gentle and professional.
You have done fantastic job with editing, the music, the captions and the interludes, even packaging and labeling. All outstanding and very professional service. We could not ask for more. Having this beautiful day captured on this film and being able to relive it is priceless.
Thank you once again very kindly and sincerely for the wonderful and perfectly recorded memories!"
-Joanna, Vinny, Agi and Sean with a whole bunch of other wedding members (Wedding Video New Jersey NJ)

"Hi Michael, Thanks again so much for a job well done! We are very pleased with your work and we'll definitely recommend you to our friends without reservations!"
-Jenny & Harry (Jenny & Harry's Wedding Video Highlights, First Dance)

"Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for our beautiful wedding video. We will not forgot how professional and hard-working you were. Thanks to you. We will have our special day to re-visit for a lifetime."
-Jane and Will (Jane and Will’s Wedding Reception Video)

"Hi Michael,
The video is so beautiful. I really love it. My husband loves the video as I do and we would like you to go ahead and make the DVDs. Thank you so much for a wonderful job. Please tell your videographer, Joe, that we really loved his work and his presence at our wedding. He was very professional and well dressed. I also loved the camera he used. I’m sure he did a great job. I will continue to recommending you to everyone. Thanks for such a beautiful job."
-Phyllis (Phyllis & Keith’s Wedding Video)

"Hi Michael,
Thank you very much for making a beautiful dance video for us again. We look forward to more of your cooperation in the future."
-Jennifer & Paul (Ballroom Dance 1) (Ballroom Dance 2) (Ballroom Dance 3)

"Hi Micheal, I saw the wedding video and it was a great. Safraz mother told me you did a wonderful job for the two days wedding. Thank you for making that day so special."
-Nafeeza (Nafeeza & Safraz’s Wedding Video Highlights)

"Dear Michael,
We watched one of the DVDs and LOVE IT!!! You did such a wonderful job! You are great!!!!! We would glady be a reference for you and we will recommend you to anyone we know getting married."
-Marlene & James (Marlene & James’ Wedding Video Highlights, Philippine Wedding)

"Hello Michael,
I've been meaning to write and tell you how much we love the video! It really looks beautiful, and you got everything we wanted on film. Thank you."
-Laura (Laura & Peter’s Wedding Video Highlights, Italian Wedding)

"Thank you Michael - I did watch it with Laura while visiting her in LA last week, and we both agree that you did a wonderful job with it. We enjoyed it tremendously. I have recommended you to someone planning his wedding and I hope he contacts you. "
-Grace (Laura's mother)

"Michael helped to take the fear out of having our wedding day videotaped. We knew Mike charged less than most videographers…but what about quality? Not a problem here…we have a beautiful, high quality DVD of our Wedding day…with all the details we expected and a few pleasant surprises. It was a pleasure to work with Mike…..because he worked with us. Thank you for everything, Mike!"
-Gabrielle and John

"...We will definitely recommend you to everyone. ... "
-Jun & Rob (Jun & Rob’s Wedding Video Highlights, Chinese & Jewish Wedding)

"Hi Michael,
John and I just got back from our honeymoon trip plus our LA reception party. Everyone loved our wedding video, and our parents were really impressed with your work. So I just want to write and thank you again for everything. You have helped us record a very special event in our life. We truly appreciate your professionalism. And we are considering of ordering additional copy of the video for our grandparents. The design on the cover was very nice!!!"
-Cindy (Cindy & John’s Wedding Video Highlights, Korean & Chinese Wedding)

"Hi Michael,
Thank you for everything. We're very pleased with your work, and we would be happy to serve as a reference for you in the future."
-Steve (Tamara & Stephen’s Wedding Video Highlights, Jewish Wedding)

"Dear Michael,
The video is wonderful and everyone in my family love to watch it again. You produced not only a beautiful wedding video but also a happy New Year video for us. Again, I greatly appreciate your excellent works."
-Patricia & William

"Dear Michael,
Everyone always says how much they love it."

"Hi Michael,
I am so fortunate to have found you and chose you to capture the very important event in our life and that
of our only child. The memories of that event will be treasured forever."
-Vicki (Philippine Wedding Video Highlights)

"Dear Michael,
John and I just finished viewing the video. It's amazing! Thank you so much for everything. We look forward to using your services in the near future. They say, "Good things come to those who wait" and it was worth the wait. This video is the best Christmas gift that both John and I have ever had. We thank you so much. Have a great New Year and God bless you and your family."
-Mr. and Mrs. John Alexis

"Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for the wonderful and excellent video. You did an amazing and super job! We watched it with family and friends during Christmas and everyone loved it! Thanks again."
-Arcaya & Ahearn Family

"Dear Michael,
We just want to say thank you, the video came out marvelous, all of my friends and families love it. We both watch it over and over more than 10 times...... thank you again , merry christmas and happy new year. see u around."
-Robert & Natalia

"Hi Michael,
We really appreciate what you've done for us. The video is so beautiful; the images are crystal clear and the sound is great. You make it possible for our memory to last a lifetime. We will highly recommend you to anyone without a doubt. Thank you again."
-Shoba & Felix (Shoba & Felix’s Wedding Video Highlights)

"Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for the beautiful video. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times both Andrew and I have sat down to admire the beauty of it. The video takes us back to that special day."
-Maria Law

"Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for your wonderful video. At first I was concern about the quantity of material that would be on the tape, but after watching it, I can say I'm very surprise at how much you were able to capture! All the interviews, the atmosphere, the music was exactly what I wanted, and you accomplished it discreetly with grace and elegance. I'm truly glad that you were there at my wedding. Best wishes!"

"Hello Michael,
We received the video & DVD yesterday. Thank you!!! We watched it and we loved it. You have good eyes! You've captured some funny moment of the wedding-we enjoyed it. Again, thank you for all the work!"

"Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for all the wonderful works. The wedding video is really great! Fafa is actually in Taiwan now; I am waiting for her to come back so I can share it with her! Thank you for everything!!!"
–Leo (Leo & Fafa’s Wedding Reception Video, Chinese Wedding)

“Dear Michael, Thank you sooooooooooo very much for the DVD. It is magnificent. I received it on last Monday. It was such a hit on Saturday night. We start playing it just a little before people were arriving and through dinner. The film is great and with the accompanying music and different languages, just too fantastic. I really appreciate your GREAT work. I would like for you to come and do some work for us in the future. We are 40 miles east of downtown Atlanta. How much advance notice to you need ….”

"Dear Michael,
Thank you for all of your patience. The video is beautiful."
-Eileen Liquori (Eileen & Michael's Wedding Video)

" Dear Mr. Zhu,
We saw the video online and couldn’t be happier. It turned out amazing & you did an outstand job. Thank you so much."
-Nicole & Andy Calletto

"Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful work!!!
Have a blessed Chinese New Year!!!"
-Kitty (Chinese Mission Convention CMC 2007, Philadelphia PA)

"We weren't planning to have a video until about three weeks before the wedding. My mom decided she really wanted one, and I'm glad we did it. So we found Michael on NSGraham's budget site. His rates were good, and he was able to jump in at the last minute. The video is great--we didn't want too much editing so it's mostly just a record of the whole event. It's LOOOONG! But he really got everything that happened on film, which is exactly what we wanted."
-Laura (Laura & Peter's Wedding Video)

Thank you so much for everything. We received all the videos yesterday and the covers turned out beautifully. And we especially loved the raw footage. Joe did a great job overall. Take care my friend."

Hi Michael,
We have watched the video. It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made it such a beautiful video with all the important highlights.
We might need to buy 2 extra copies as our parents and his parents want a
copy of the DVD as well.

Hi Michael,
We love the video!
-Christoph (Tsedale & Christoph Wedding Video @ The Pratt Mansions NYC)

Thanks Mike,
This is amazingly professional. All your work yesterday was extremely professional. I will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again and looking forward to see the final product and share with my family and friends.
-Ibrahim (Ibrahim & Iryna's First Dance @ Aladdin's Palace, North York, Ontario)

Hi Michael,
I received the videos today. I want to let you know that you did a marvelous job on the editing; also I appreciate the work on the videography. John, the videographer, captured a lot of special moments I was not aware of. Thank you for bringing us these special moments in memory on our special day. I will definitely give our recommendation to our friends that are looking for videography for their special events in the future. Truly, love our wedding video
-David & Ka-Yeon Li (David & Ka-Yeon Li's Wedding Video on Ship, NYC)

Hi Michael,
We received the video today. It was wonderful! Thank you so much for putting it together so quickly. I referred a couple of my friends to our website they may be contacting you for their wedding.
Thank you,
-Janine (Janine & Brent’s Wedding Video Clip @ Mountainville, NY)

Dear Michael & Kevin,
Thank you so much for capturing all the beautiful aspects of our special day!  Both the photos & videos will be treasured for a lifetime. 
-Love, Nikita & Mithun, (Nikita & Mithun’s Indian Wedding Video Highlights)

Hi Michael,
Thank you for capturing all the events of our special day.  It is something we will cherish for a lifetime.
Best withes,
-Biagio & Theresa (Wedding Clips)

Hi Michael,
Just want to let you know that we received the wedding video yesterday and watched it last night.  It was beautiful!  Please thank the crew for me for doing a great job and thank you for the edits, it was great!  Everyone enjoyed the video. 
-Susanna (Susanna & Joel First Dance)

Hi Michael,
Thank you for the service for my wedding it was great everything was excellent gives the songs that u guys selected for me. I love it I saw it three times already. Thank you so much. Can you let John and Joe know that I said thank you.
-Shereen khan-ally (Shereen & Joel’s first Dance)

Hi Michael,
Yes we received the video yesterday. Thank you very much for your professional work. It looks great; we will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs your service.
-Andrew (Throw Bouquet)

Hello Michael,
Again thank you for all your hard work on the video I can't believe how fast you were and the video is just amazing - it brought back memories of the day!!!!
Thank you,
-Tabatha & Jason (Tabatha & Jason’s Wedding Highlights)

Thank you Michael.
We received the package you sent and are very happy with the videos and the quality of work you did. We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends. Thanks again for the great video DVD's.
-Sharron & Ed (Sharron & Ed’s First Dance)


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